Urbex: The (almost) abandoned loomfactory


I really like to do some urban exploration once in a while. Exploring buildings that are not used anymore, abandoned and are in a state of degradation and where nature eventually will take over again. Unfortunately I don’t really know people who also like to visit these kind of buildings so I never go to these places, but wednesday I was lucky!

During the textile conservation training I am joining right now, organised by Cultural Heritage Without Borders, we went to an old factory in Gjirokastra where looms are still being used to make wool. The building is being used for different kinds of things actually, but parts of it were abandoned though. So it’s would not be regarded as an official Urbex location, but it comes very close to that in my opinion. Anyway, I made some pictures, so here they are.












I know there are a lot of well-known urbex locations in Germany, Belgium and England, but not really in the Balkan region. So if anyone knows a place, please let me know. (:

4 thoughts on “Urbex: The (almost) abandoned loomfactory

  1. I was in Gjirokastra two summers ago! It was July and it was easily above forty degrees- someone on the bus told me it was forty-seven! I wish I’d been able to explore more but the heat and the sun were becoming almost dangerous. It looks like you found some great places to see!

    1. Oh, i know! Summers are too hot here. I can recommend april and may to visit this place. Or september. The temperature is great in that time (so I’ve heard). April is nice so far. 🙂

    1. Ja, ze kunnen af en toe vrij creepy zijn ja. Maar dat vind ik stiekem juist het leuke ervan. 🙂

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