Travel || Prizren, Kosovo


From Skopje I went through Prizren for a day before I went back to Albania. Situated in the south of Kosovo between the mountains and with its cultural history, it is quite a picturesque town.

With my 30 kilo’s of luggage, my back started to protest on the way. Somehow I managed to book rooms all the way up on the 3th or 4th floor without an elevator, so when I arrived at this hostel and found out I was on the 4th floor again, I was ready to throw out my luggage. Luckily the people of the hostel were nice enough to help me. But I knew that in the end I would probably have a lot of fun again and these problems are juist small things you have to get over.

So, Kosovo. The country still doesn’t have a good reputation. At least in the Netherlands. When I told people I was going to Kosovo, they looked at me like I was crazy. Some people think there is still a war going on, or you get robbed, or the people are rude. I can tell you, these assumptions are not correct. At all. Although I can only speak for Prizren of course.

Luckily my internship coördinator in Albania knew some people in Prizren, so that day I got a tour by locals through the city. I got a lot of books (for free, so kind!) with a general history of the city and had a couple of tours through museums and the Teqe. I really like to get to know locals on these kind of trips so you can get to know the local culture. Especially while enjoying a nice cup of Turkish tea.







Later that day, when it wasn’t so hot anymore, I went up to the Prizren Kalaja (castle) on top of the hill. I visited a lot of castles before, but I think this was one of the steepest paths to a castle yet. Good work out!
On top of the castle you have the best view over the city and in the back to the mountains.





In the evening I got myself some Kumpir, a national dish containing a filled patato with all kinds of veggies and hot sauce, which was very good. No picture, because it didn’t look very charming.


In the evening I went back to the hostel and chatted with some guys until at twelve o’clock one of them wanted to have a drink in the centre. Me and 4 other guys were ready to leave in the middle of the night, when a big black out occured. The whole city was dark and we ended up in some pub for three hours, only candle lit and no music. At three o’clock in the morning we enjoyed some drinks at the hostel terrace all the way up on the roof and it was quite nice.



As you might guess, I didn’t manage to catch the 8 o’clock bus in the morning to Tirana. 🙂

Yes, it was one nice day in Prizren!

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