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Travel || The night train from Bar (Montenegro) to Belgrade (Serbia).


Train rides. I never really understood the idea that train rides could be romantic. Since I took the train from Bar to Belgrade, I do. The train left at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and because it was getting dark early (it was the beginning of november), I was lucky to witness the sunset at the Montenegrin coast (again) while riding the train. Wow, that was so beautiful!

So, after my visit to Stari Grad Bar I took this train to get to Belgrade. It was an old one and had the whole 70ies vibe all over. The conductor in the wagon I stayed in was an overly enthousiastic Serbian who had to show me everything we saw on the way. Besides me there was only one Serbian family in the wagon, so I was all by myself this night. I had a compartment all for myself, so that was quite nice. The only bad part about the train were the toilets. I had one rule for them: Only when it’s really necessary.


After the stop in Podgorica (The capital of Montenegro), the train drove through the mountains. Although it was already dark, it still was so beautiful! The moon was very bright that evening and lit up the mountains. On the foot of the mountains you could see all the small cozy villages lighted up which made me feel like I was driving through the Diorama in the Efteling. As it was the beginning of november it was quite cold, but I think I watched the view for hours through an open window.

The bordercrossing took a little while though. What’s with the Serbian custome officers by the way? I have experienced them twice now and I noticed that they take the word cranky to a whole other level. Especially now, because I came from Albania (Albania and Serbia don’t go well together) and they saw the stamps in my passport. They looked at me like they were going to kill me for ten minutes while looking at the stamps. Not the greatest welcome into your country, guys. (:

After that I went to sleep (and slept better than expected) and woke up while we were almost in Belgrade. Those moments when you are happy to see a squating toilet.

But the view at the coast was gorgeous.


Want to take this train as well?
Here are some tips:
1. As far as I know, I couldn’t find any food on the train. You can only get coffee, tea or a beer.
So be sure to get enough food before you leave. You can’t find anything at the station, but in the street close by you can find a couple of small supermarkets and some restaurants.
2. Don’t go to the bathroom. Only if absolutely necessary. Or at least try not the be sober when you go, that way it wouldn’t be so bad I guess.
3. Depending on how you want to see the beautiful landscapes, when it’s still light for example, it is good to think about the time of year. In summer you can see all the mountains when it’s still light in the evening, but it can also be very hot. In the beginning of november, the time I went, you can’t really see the mountains, but you see the sun set at the coast and the train is cozy in the dark (and warm!).

Yes, maybe I will take the same train in summer someday. Or the other way around.

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