Festival || TribalFest Bucharest 2014

2015-01-26 17.02.44

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, is one of extremes. The first thing that will catch your eye, are all the huge apartment buildings spread around the city that were build during the communist area. Even some city parks look more like parking lots, than an actual park. But taking a stroll to the old part of town, you suddenly noticed you walked into the little Paris of Eastern Europe. With beautiful buildings, some nice restaurants and a couple of cozy cafes it is also a nice part of town to spend your night.

Though, I wouldn’t suggest this city in the middle of November when I was there. Lots of rain and didn’t see any sunshine at all. I think it would be a great city trip when you visit it in summer or early autumn though. Together with the rain, I was not feeling very well and had to spend most of the time in bed in the hostel (which was great by the way!) where I was staying. Didn’t  see and do a lot because of that, so I am thinking to visit again sometime. The city has a great atmosphere. A mixture between the old (communist) life and the younger people that are doing their best to create a relaxing city life. And I didn’t experience it firsthand, but I believe that there is a big alternative/underground scene as well. Very curious about that. (:



It was not the best time to get ill, because the reason I came to the city was something I looked forward to since early spring: Tribalfest Bucharest! Maybe it is convinient to tell something about Tribal Fusion, how it is actually called, first. Tribal Fusion is a style of dance, based on traditional Middle Eastern bellydance, but with modern influences like hip hop or other traditional styles like flamenco for example. Starting as American Tribal Style in the U.S, it slowly evolved to Tribal Fusion as it is now.

And it is beautiful! I came in contact with this style of dance in the beginning of 2007 and after seeing a performance of the great Rachel Brice and the even greater (in my opinion at least ;)) Zoe Jakes, I was hooked. I wasn’t a dancer myself (started in 2010 with traditional bellydance), but I really enjoyed watching it.

So when I saw the poster for a Tribal Fest, where you could do different kind of workshops given by the lovely Deb Rubin and her Project Merkaba and see some nice perfomances on saturday night, I couldn’t say no to that as I was in the “neighbourhood” anyway. After taking a lot of medication, I took two workshops and still didn’t feel great at all and felt like a grandma the whole time, but enjoyed it a lot anyway. It’s also good (but intense) excercise when you are traveling and have to carry a lot of bags the whole time. It was so nice to see this style ‘live’ for the first time after only seeing it on the internet. And the performances on saturday night were very good as well!

Foto 15-11-14 12 08 14

Foto 16-11-14 14 42 33

Foto 15-11-14 19 36 32

Foto 15-11-14 20 42 24

dance colour good



Loved it! Hopefully next time I can visit the one in Split, Croatia, as well. And not being ill off course.

The rest of the days I spend with the cute hostel cat and tried at least  to see Ceaucescu’s Palace, but only made it to the outside of the building. After that I felt so miserable that I took the metro back to the hostel and went back to bed again. Too Bad! The cat felt for me, as you can see.


Foto 12-11-14 21 54 06

Foto 14-11-14 12 53 14

Foto 14-11-14 12 42 06

Foto 16-11-14 22 17 59

Does anybody have some nice tips to visit in Bucharest (preferably a bit underground)?


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