Travel || Sibiu, I think I love you.

Foto 26-01-15 20 07 34

Sibiu (or Hermannstadt), a medieval town in Transylvania, is one of the four Siebenburgen cities in Romania. Lying at the edge of the Carpathians, you can even see the beautiful looking mountains in the background while standing on one of the medieval walls in the south of the old town. With its big squares and little alleyways, there is enough space to wander around for a long weekend.

So, after Bucharest I took the train to Sibiu. Originally, my plan was to go from the south of the Carpathians, but the only way available by train was going through Brasov again. After a train ride of approximately 6 hours I arrived in Sibiu in the evening. As it was already late november, the christmas lights were already burning, so the introduction to this city couldn’t be more cozy.

My idea was to spend one day in this city, but as I still wasn’t feeling very well I extended my stay with three more. The first two days I really took it easy, then I went off to do some exploring. The city is full of beautiful squares and little alleyways as said before, so that was a morning filler already. Besides that, the city is also full of museums. I didn’t go for a full on museum tour (although I did see a lot looking back). Armed with a contemporary art museum, natural history museum, a pharmacy museum and a historical museum (all part of the Brukenthal Museum) you could spend a full day on only visiting museums in this town.

The Christmas market was already being set up, so in the evening the city was lively as well. At least in the weekend. Funny how the christmas markets in these towns have this very German feel to it. Even in some shops the could speak fluently German.

Other than that I was still a bit ill, I didn’t mind to stay a bit longer here. Somehow I really felt at home here. Yes, again this was a nice visit to a beautiful town. (:

Foto 20-11-14 14 00 59

Foto 20-11-14 14 02 36

Foto 23-11-14 11 04 49

Foto 23-11-14 11 07 15

And Sibiu at nightFoto 21-11-14 17 46 31

Foto 18-11-14 19 02 33

Foto 18-11-14 19 03 56 (HDR)

Foto 18-11-14 21 15 06

Foto 18-11-14 21 30 57

Foto 18-11-14 21 33 56

Foto 18-11-14 21 52 07

As I look back on the pictures now, I see that I only took pictures of the alleyways. Sorry, I guess I am a sucker for that kind of thing.

Corvin Castle
In the area (or relatively speaking) there is also quite an impressive castle to visit, so together with a couple of girls from the hostel and the guy working there as our guide, we went to see it.

It is quite a strange entrance as you are riding towards the village where the castle is located. Driving through a lot of small villages (that somehow all practice the art of crafting tombstones, almost every front garden of every house is full of them) and then arriving at this small grey industrialised town in the middle of nowhere, with a huge castle that stands firmly in the edge of town.

And I must say, this was a good one! If you are a castle fan like me, you should visit Corvin Castle.
Fairytale like on the outside, but pretty raw on the inside although the pictures don’t show it too well). One of my favorites! Off course there is a reason this castle made it to the front cover of the Lonely Planet last year. (:

Foto 19-11-14 10 44 16

Foto 19-11-14 10 34 48

Foto 19-11-14 10 26 38

Foto 19-11-14 10 29 56

Foto 19-11-14 10 32 33

Foto 19-11-14 10 55 55



Oh, it has a very subtle torture room by the way. If you are afraid a creepy looking dolls, don’t go here.

collage corvin

Foto 19-11-14 10 59 00

And that was the last part of my Tour de Transylvania, unfortunately. I really loved it and there is a pretty good change I will be here again some day. (:

Next up is the upper part of Romania, Maramures, though!


4 thoughts on “Travel || Sibiu, I think I love you.

  1. You have to come in Ramnicu Valcea (Romania) too. It’s a very beautiful city and the villages around it have a lot of historically elements.
    Sibiu is amazing too. Your photos are very beautiful!

    1. Ah, it’s close to the Transfagarasan highway also! Great, I will look it up. šŸ™‚ Thank you and thank for the tip! šŸ˜€

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