Travel || Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest (pronounced as Budapesht, watch out!) was never high on my travel list to visit,  but it so happened that I was surely mistaken about that. Beautiful old buildings,  an interesting history, very nice hilltop views, good food and a great nightlife. Yes, this city has it all. Budapest definitely makes a good choice for a (long) citytrip!

My trip to the capital of Hungary was a quite spontanious one. At the end of my trip through Romania, I figured Budapest would be a good last destination to go home again after my three month long trip. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get from Maramures to Budapest though, although it was said there would be a direct bus. Getting stuck in Oradea, a city at the border with Hungary, I thought it would be easy to get to Budapest from there. Turns out it wasn’t and it took me one day and half to get there, totally soaked by the rain.

I booked a bed in the Home Made Hostel in the city centre which made everything about the long tiring trip better again. Wanting to stay for just three days, I figured I loved the city so much that I ended up staying six days. It was so beautiful! But it is ridiculous to see how many pictures I did not take there, because the weather was very bad these days unfortunately.

Anyway, I don’t feel like writing a whole story about it, but generally I spend my days sightseeing (there are a lot of interesting citywalks available!), visiting a couple of museums, enjoyed a couple of great pubcrawls and the nightlife (the ruin pubs in Budapest are so cool!), strolled around all the Christmas markets, fell in love with the architecture of the Fisherman’s Bastion, took some nightly strolls around town and one of the Sziget islands, hung around in the Tree House aka Home Made hostel, visited the zoo and just feeling at home in this beautiful city.

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However, I can give some tips about what to see and do in these cities:

1. Take a citywalk. It’s a quite touristy thing to do, but when you are traveling alone it is a nice way to meet fellow travelers. Also, the guides were really nice and can give you insider tips that you would normally wouldn’t know about.
2. Walk up to Gellert hill. For beautiful views over the city!
3. Join a pubcrawl. They take you to the great ruin pubs of Budapest. These pubs were once buildings that would be demolished because of their bad state. At one point people thought of the idea to use these buildings for people to hang out. It became very popular and still excist. They usually look quite artsy, but you can still see their original function. Very nice combo! Watch out for the palinka though.
4. Visit the baths you can find all over the city. Although I haven’t been to one myself (good excuse to come back), I have heard that it’s a great place to relax for a bit.
5. Visit a couple of museums. Especially the Hospital In The Rock museum and Labyrintus. More info will follow on these museums in an old fashioned Museum Day post.
6. Go vintage shopping. There are some nice and big ones in the pub district. Treasures!

Budapest went from a city that I didn’t thought of visiting, to one of my favorites in Europe. It’s probably not the last time I went to Budapest. Had a great time!

The next post will be about some interesting museums that can be found here. And it will also be the last post before I go back to scavenging the Balkans again, so stay tuned!

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