Albania · Bosnia & Herzegovina · Croatia · Montenegro

Travel || Tour de Balkan: Part III 2015


After being in the Netherlands for almost three months, I recently got back to the Balkan area. Getting back from my last trip in autumn 2014 (which was amazing!), it was a bit of a hard time at ‘home’. Hell, I can’t even call it home anymore! After the trip I figured I would like to live like a nomad for the next couple of years, so that is what I have been working on lately.

Anyway, back in business in Albania it is. Lucky me! The next couple of months I will write my thesis here (on the situation of Albanian museums) and in between I will make a travel dream come through, together with my Australian soulsister: Traveling through the Caucasus! Looking very forward to that!

But first my trip back to Albania, starting with Sarajevo, Bosnia and then through Mostar (Bosnia), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Kotor (Montenegro) to Tirana. Hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures again this spring. (:

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