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Travel || Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina


A city well known for its old bridge and a cute little bazaar to stroll around, Mostar is a nice city to visit while traveling through Bosnia & Herzegovina. The stari most, as the old bridge is called in the local language, is an intriguing architectural structure to see. It makes the city a nice stop over in this area of the Balkans.

Originally, I wanted to go to Kotor, Montenegro, directly from Sarajevo. But as the weather turned out very bad and the roads were full of snow and closed for all vehicles, I had no other option than go through the coast. And as this road leads to Mostar, I thought it would be nice to spend a night in this city. Again, the road from Sarajevo to Mostar was beautiful and no snow for a change.


I didn’t book a hostel in advance and just wrote the address on a piece of paper and wanted to walk in to ask if they had a room. Unfortunately the address wasn’t really clear, and I ended up searching for an hour and a half. I decided to call the hostel and the owner was very nice and we agreed he would pick me up. As I was a bit cranky, I just walked really fast to the place we agreed on meeting each other. As I was walking, there was a car that came out of a parking spot I didn’t see and almost got hit by him. I cursed a little, but walked on. A minute later I got stopped by this man, who happened to be the owner of the hostel. Stupid coincidence. (:

The hostel was very nice, but again I was alone that night. Had a nice stroll through the city when the sun set, took myself to a nice restaurant with traditional Bosnian food and wine and took a walk through town again when it was dark.

The old city of Mostar is very small, but it has a nice atmosphere to it. Although the bridge isn’t original, it is very beautiful to see. A day in this city would be enough to see everything here, unless there are things you want to do in the nearby area.





Yes, it was a night well spend. It was also the last stop before leaving Bosnia. And in these days I really fell in love with this country as well. It’s worth it to spend more time here I think and there a a lot more things to see. So, see you next time Bosnia!

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