Travel || King’s Landing, Westeros


On the coastline in the east of Westeros, lies the beautiful town of King’s Landing. As the weather is always beautiful, it is a perfect get-a-way when you want to escape the winter in The North. Wander through the small streets, have a good look out on the sea and get some good food in one of the cozy little restaurants. But be careful not to get into trouble with some of the families in town, otherwise you don’t know what will be on your plate for the evening…

Because the weather in the North was so cold and there was a lot of snow at the moment of me passing through, there was no way I could travel to the south over land as someone at the inn I was staying told me. The only option there was, was going through the coast. At first I was a bit cautious when I saw that this road led through King’s Landing, but decided to go anyway because it has been said that the town should be beautiful.

Walking through the gates of this walled town I soon came to realise that people were right. It was like walking into another world! It was not very crowded when I arrived, so I went looking for the inn almost immediately. The inn was located in a higher part of town, so it wasn’t easy to get my luggage up the stairs. Luckily I got some help from a man that introduced himself as Petyr. He gave me a handkiss and acted very charming. Still, there was something about him that I did not trust. It did not matter much anyway, as I didn’t see him again the rest of my stay.

Settled into the inn, I had a nice stroll through town first. The buildings in this town are just beautiful. It started to get a bit more crowded again by that time and the other thing I noticed that people were very well dressed over here. It sure is a bit of a posh town. Some people were acting a bit strange though. One time, when I wandered through all the small streets, I turned around the corner and almost ran in these two people kissing which was a bit awkward. But this lady looked so incredibly mad at me, like I commited a crime or something. She did have the most beautiful long blonde hair though and a very pretty dress. So I just made a compliment about her dress and left there as soon as possible. She just looked as cold as ice.

Soon I ended up at a nice square where I got something to drink and went for a walk on the city walls after that. The view on there is amazing! At one point you can see the whole town and behind it the sea. It is a long walk to get all across the wall though. When I reached one of the narrower points there were two guys talking very seriously and I was a bit afraid to ,disturb them but I had to get past them anyway. The short guy with curly hair was kind of friendly, but the large bold guy looked quite arrogant. Strange people in this town. Serious business going on here probably.

In the evening I wanted to get some dinner and have a drink at a nice pub or something, so I ended up at a nice bar in town. When I sat there for a while two guys were getting a seat next to me. It was the same short guy I saw on the wall, together with another friend this time. Soon I started to have a chat with them and found out their names were Tyrion Lannister and Bronn. They offered me a drink and they seemed nice, so I had a couple of drinks with them. A couple became a lot and soon I found myself under the bar because I maybe had a bit too much to drink. I thought it was time to go to the inn again and got escorted home by Bronn. It was a great evening! Good to know that there are some nice people as well.

The next day I thought it was time to leave. When looking for some breakfast I met the lady from the day before again. She was looking as mad and cold as before. I found out she was actually the sister of Tyrion! How could they be family? The conversation I had with her was not a very nice one. Let’s just say she told me in a very subtle way that I absolutely should forget what I saw the day before. As she was a Lannister, I realised it would maybe help if I found a table so I could hide from her under there (as the same thing worked with her brother as well, although in a slightly different way of course). So I did and it obviously put her a bit off guard. Yeah sorry lady. Silly people ask for silly solutions. Good thing I was about to leave anyway.


Okay okay, of course I wasn’t being serious now. As a Game Of Thrones fangirl I just had to do it. But the town that was used for King’s Landing really excists. I just happened to be there last month and it is beautiful! It is called Dubrovnik and lies in the south of Croatia. It is enlisted at UNESCO and is very nice to visit in the lower season, as the high season it can be a very crowded place. Check the pictures for some proof.



















And don’t forget: Season 5 of Game Of Thrones airs tomorrow. Excited for that!

One thought on “Travel || King’s Landing, Westeros

  1. Hoi Janneke wat heb je weer mooie foto’s , om jaloers op te worden al die mooie plaatsen waar jij komt.Ik hoop dat alles goed is met je,groetjes Erica

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