Travel || Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

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Somewhere in the Balkan area, between Croatia and Albania, you can find a beautiful small country who has it all. One of the spectacular things you can visit is the Bay Of Kotor. The bay is also known as the fjord of southern Europe and for a good reason. The mountains rise up almost 2000 meters from the sea which makes the place a truly impressive spot to visit when you go to the area.

From Dubrovnik I finally could get to Kotor. I have been there twice before, so my original plan was to stay just for one or two nights. But sometimes things change along the way while traveling. In Kotor it wasn’t any different. I walked to the gates of the historic centre looking for the Old Town hostel which I made a reservation for, found it, got pulled in immediately by one of the owners, the other one made a dance with me while the other one checked me in and I sighed. I really hate those places. You know why? Because in these sort of hostels you always end up staying longer than you wanted. So a booking for three nights was made. A well…

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When I settled in the cats were ready to party, got invited for a pub crawl for the evening, so the rest for the afternoon I had to work. Things turned out different, as I soon got invited for a lunch in Perast, a village near Kotor. I knew the place already and knew it was beautiful, so I couldn’t say no to that. Went with some other people to the lunch, which was located at the place of a man who is busy making a beautiful apartment out of an old wine cellar. And next to this wine cellar happened to be a terrace with one of the most magical views on the bay of Kotor. Hello. We talked all afternoon, had delicious Mexican salad and enjoyed the view. That day I made some good friends that I kept in touch with. It is one of the best things of traveling I think, especially alone. It is so much easier to meet people this way that you can stay friends with for a long time, even you don’t see each other that often. Hopefully I can visit Perast in summer again for a couple of days. That same evening I went to the pub crawl and that was nice as well! Good day. (:

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The next day I really had to do some work, so I managed to do quite a bit in the afternoon. Work hard, play hard you know. When the work was finished, I treated myself on some good ol’ Vranac and went along with the pub crawl for that evening. I had no idea that Kotor had that many pubs actually, so that was a nice surprise.

Although the hostel had a great offer to give you two free nights when you decided to stay for three, I still had a lot of work to do, so the next day I really had to leave and took the bus to Ulcinj where I could take the bus to Shkoder and Tirana. The bus ride was so nice! The Montenegrin coast is very impressive with all the mountains rising directly out of the sea and the old cities you come across.

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Yes, Montenegro is definitely one of my great loves in the Balkan area. It is a great country to spend a couple of weeks for a holiday. It is small, but has the whole pakkage: The sea, beautiful old towns around the bay of Kotor and along the coast. And not to forget the impressive mountain range more inland. Really, go there when you have the chance!

4 thoughts on “Travel || Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

  1. Hoi Janneke, Leuke kiekjes, er komen weer allerlei herinneringen naar boven over het meer van Kotor.Toen wij er waren was er net een aardbeving geweest en nog redelijk veel schade aan het dorp ( mooie ligging vh dorp) Toevallig troffen we daar onze Marijke en toenmalig vriendje! en zijn we een aantal dagen samen opgetrokken.Op de camping hadden we elke dag bezoek van 2 schattige zwerfhondjes sta ik nog mee op de foto.Wie weet ga ik er nog eens terug! Groetjes Erica, heb je nog leuke stofjes gezien?

    1. Ha, wat leuk om te horen Erica! In welk jaar was dat? Qua stofjes niet echt, maar wel mooie kleden in Georgië waar ik nu ben (en waarschijnlijk ook Armenië volgende week). Als je interesse hebt kan ik wel wat foto’s doorsturen. 🙂

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