Travel || Traveling through the highlands of Eastern Anatolia by sleeper train, Turkey

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When I took the train from Bar to Belgrade last year, I got a bit hooked on train rides. Looking for nice ones in the Turkey and the Caucasus area, I found out that the sleeper train from Ankara to Kars was highly recommended. It departs from the main station of Ankara in the late afternoon and arrives in Kars in the late afternoon the next day. It takes you through small villages, ravines, plains and the highlands of Eastern Anatolia. Beautiful!

Before Jenny and I left, we booked tickets for a two person cabin. The cabin was simple, but nice. It had seats that could turned into a bunk bed, a little place to wash yourself and a little fridge. The toilets were clean at the start, but got worse the next day. The restaurant area looked neat and although they didn’t had a lot of food available, it was still good!

The evening started with some nice Turkish red, Turkish delight, watching The Grand Budapest Hotel and ended with good conversations in a slight tipsy state. Had a good night sleep and the next day I woke up early to watch the beautiful landscape pass by. I had quite a lot of plans for activities during the train ride, but 80 percent of the time I ended up looking out the window and philosophize about life. Not bad at all!

The next day at approximately 6 o’clock in the afternoon we got off from the train at the final destination: Kars. A city in the upper Eastern part of Turkey.

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Foto 15-04-15 17 41 38

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Foto 15-04-15 18 26 34

It was a long train ride, but worth it. Turkey is of course a very big country, but instead of flying you see so much more of a country when you travel over land. Personally I was very glad to have chosen this way and I can recommend it to anyone who likes train travel as well!

Interested in more information? This site provides plenty of information about train travel all over the world.

4 thoughts on “Travel || Traveling through the highlands of Eastern Anatolia by sleeper train, Turkey

  1. Interesting! I’m starting to get a knack for train rides, in facts I’ve been planning one across Norway for a while now, but this one in Turkey sounds like an equally good idea!

    1. Ah, Norway! That should be amazing. But I think it would depend on what you would like to do else on your travel? The countries have very different cultures of course. πŸ™‚

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