Travel || Love at first sight in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Tiflis, or Tbilisi as the city is called nowadays, the beautiful capital of Georgia, is one of the cities you come across on the Silk Road. Lying on the border of Europe and Asia it was a perfect and popular trading place. Tbilisi would be a perfect city trip when you would like to see something else for a change, instead of the more popular cities in Europe.

“I could live here for a couple of months”, I said to Jenny. We just arrived and the first place we ended up was Prospero’sr Books and cafe. A lovely place to relax or work. It was raining a lot the first days, so we couldn’t see a lot unfortunately, but the great atmosphere of the city hit me hard. A city that I immediately fell in love with. The hostel we stayed at was a bit of a weird one and not centrally located as well, so we moved to Old Town hostel after two days which was a lot better and is located in the old centre of town.

We only stayed a couple of days before heading to Kazbegi National Park, so this will be a simple trip report of my first impressions. After a couple of days in Armenia I went back to this great city (and didn’t want to leave) and will tell something about the history of this place.

The first thing we noticed was the beautiful architecture of the old city. The houses are decorated with beautiful pastel painted woodwork and European architecture mixes perfectly with Middle Eastern architecture.

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The other thing that we noticed was the huge amounts of wine shops and wine you can buy here. We already knew that Georgia is famous for its wine, but I couldn’t dream of the diversity the country offers. Well, not that suprising as Georgia is one of the oldest wine making countries in the world. One place you can buy delicious wine is located in the Meidan bazar, a bazar located below the city and one of the popular trading routes on the Silk Road. How does the wine taste, you ask? Devine. More about this another time!

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Traditional textiles
The area is also known for the beautiful woven and embroidered carpets and table cloths. A popular ornament is the pomegranate, that stands for prosperity and it is found everywhere! So pretty!

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Foto 16-06-15 13 50 02

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We found some good spots to hang out (and hide from the rain) in the pub area. In Tiblisi you can have some food at a beautiful looking traditional restaurant and afterwards go to one of the many sheesha bars or get a drink at the Irish pub. I love the variety of places to go out! Or, when the wetter is good you can watch some nice Charlie Chaplin movies on the terrace outside.

Foto 26-04-15 20 10 14

And of course, this happened.

Foto 20-04-15 15 34 45

As said before, due to the rain we couldn’t see a lot, but more about this city another time. Talking about rain, unfortunately last week it rained so much that a big part of the city got flooded. Hopefully the city gets back on its feet soon! ❤

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