Travel || An eerie walk through Lahemaa National Park, Estonia


“Stay on the path and don’t listen to the ladies singing”, our guide told us and then she left. While she was getting the car, me and the rest of the tour group had to walk through the bog ourselves. Not that it was very dangerous, but the place did have a ghostly feel to it. Lahemaa National Park is the biggest park in Estonia and is full of forests, bogs, myths and abandoned submarine bases. A must see in Estonia!

Lahemaa National park is located in the north of the country and is easily accessible from Tallinn by car or train. It mainly consists of forests and swamps and in the north you can find cute little fisherman’s villages along the coast. It’s also a place where a lot of folk tales and legends exist. In the area there are no mountains, but still this landscape is quite impressive as well because of all the things it has to offer.











The tour takes you to one of these fishermans villages. One of the houses is partly turned into a museum. The owners still live there and you get a tour through the house and learn about the history of the area. Before that a delicious home cooked lunch was served to us. Very nice! There was a little little lighthouse where you had a beautiful view over the surrounding area.





Abandoned Soviet submarine base
Personally I thought this area is very interesting because of all the Soviet buildings that are now completely abandoned. The reason there are so many of these military bases is because in the past, Russia tried to get in charge of the area several times. At one point, Russia would conquer Estonia if they wouldn’t sign an agreement that Russia got approval to build a couple of military bases in along the coast. That couple actually ended up being over a thousand bases. Especially along the west coast.

Apparently the bases are a good location to fish now. And for some good ol’ urban exploration of course.




Watching the sun set in the park was the cherry on the cake. So pretty!



1. The tour was booked through the website and I can definitely recommend it! Normally I am not too fond of organised tours, but thi one was great! Everything was clear, our tourguide was lovely, knew a lot of back ground information and the group was small, so plenty of time to take it a bit easy if we wanted. Also, a great lunch is prepared in the museum.
2. Take a look at the other tours as well! Originally I wanted to take the tour to either Narva or Paldiski, but they were not available for that day. So it’s wise to check which tour is available for the day you want to go.


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